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Did that Hurt?

Did That Hurt? 2006. (Clip) from Sally Pearce on Vimeo.

This was a student compositing project during my first year at the National Film and TV School, 2006. I used a brain scan  (of my own brain, actually, though I suppose it could have been anybody’s brain.) I acquired the scan of my brain through assisting researchers in neuroscience at University College, London. I spent an hour in the MRI scanner getting the scan done, very quick as animation goes generally, but a horribly claustrophobic experience. Collaborators were Laura Bellingham (Camera), Steen Bondrup (Sound Design), Shul Levin (Compositor), Sergio Vega Borrego (Editor) and the dancers Ann Gilpin and Adam Murby. Nerve images were donated by the Wellcome Trust Photo Library.